Prof. Robert M. Waymouth
Principle Investigator
(650) 723-4515
Curriculum Vitae


Born in 1960 in Warner Robins, Georgia, Robert Waymouth studied chemistry and mathematics at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia (B.S. and B.A., respectively, both summa cum laude, 1982). He developed an interest in synthetic and mechanistic organometallic chemistry during his doctoral studies in chemistry at the California Institute of Technology under Professor R.H. Grubbs (Ph.D., 1987). His postdoctoral research with Professor Piero Pino at the Institut fur Polymere, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, focused on catalytic hydrogenation with chiral metallocene catalysts. He joined the Stanford University faculty as assistant professor in 1988, becoming full professor in 1997 and in 2000 the Robert Eckles Swain Professor of Chemistry.


Group Members

Tim Blake
Dr. Timothy R. Blake
Postdoctoral Scholar
Palladium Catalyzed Oxidative Lactonization and Organocatalytic Polymerization of Functionalized Lactones
Weiwei Wu
Graduate Student
Cobalt Shvo Catalyst Analogs and Electrocatalysis
Naomi E. Clayman
Graduate Student
Dual Activity Catalytic Systems
Keith C. Armstrong
Keith C. Armstrong
Graduate Student
Investigation of CO2 Reduction Performance of Electrochemical Hydrogen Atom Transfer – Regenerable Bis(imino)pyridine Ruthenium Complexes
Conor M. Galvin
Graduate Student
Development of new organometallic electrocatalytic systems
Dr. Trevor Del Castillo
Postdoctoral Scholar
Selective catalytic oxidation of polyols
Colin J. McKinlay
Graduate Student
Co-advisor: Prof. Paul A. Wender
Organocatalytic Ring-Opening Polymerization to Access Novel Biomaterials for the Delivery of Oligonucleotides and Small-molecule Therapeutics
Binhong Lin
Binhong “Ben” Lin
Webmaster, Photographer
Graduate Student
New Catalytic Systems for the Ultrafast and Selective Ring-Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Esters and Carbonates
Elizabeth A. McLoughlin
Graduate Student
Investigation of Novel Homogenous Electrocatalysts and Development of Analytical Techniques to Study them in situ
Frank X. Greene
Graduate Student
Investigation into Ring-Opening Polymerization of Dithiolanes
Summer Ramsay-Burrough
Graduate Student
Development of new platforms for the selective catalytic oxidation of polyols
Caleb N. Jadrich
Caleb N. Jadrich
Graduate Student
Investigation of novel reactivity using urea organocatalysts

Wilson C. Ho
Graduate Student
Aerobic Palladium Catalysis
Katherine L. Walker
Graduate Student
Co-advisor: Prof. Richard N. Zare
Elucidation of Novel Reaction Mechanisms Using In Situ Mass Spectrometry
Rebecca L. McClellan
Graduate Student
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polymer Topologies
Cheyenne R. Peltier
Undergraduate Researcher
DFT Investigations of Dithiolane Ring-Opening Thermodynamics
Vince E. Pane
Graduate Student
Investigation of Biodegradable Polymers and Vitrimers for Closed Loop Manufacturing on Mars
Tianchi Xu
Tianchi Xu
Exchange Graduate Student
Preparation of zwitterionic polymers from ring opening polymerization and their potential application as coatings for AuNPs
Ben Matson
Ben Matson
Postdoctoral Scholar
Spectroscopic and theoretical investigations of homogeneous electrocatalysts


Previous Group Members


Group Photos

The Waymouth Group 2018
Top Row (L-R): Trevor Del Castillo, Weiwei Wu, Vince Pane, Colin McKinlay, Keith Armstrong, Frank Greene, Tim Blake, Binhong (Ben) Lin, Conor Galvin, Summer Ramsay-Burrough
Bottom Row (L-R): Tianchi Xu, Wilson Ho, Rebecca McClellan, Robert (Bob) Waymouth, Naomi Clayman, Katherine Walker
PC: Binhong (Ben) Lin
Top Row (L-R): Dr. Timothy R. Blake, Rebecca L. McClellan, Wilson C. Ho, Dr. Jessica R. Vargas (Wender Group), Colin J. McKinlay, Professor Robert M. Waymouth, Dr. James C.A. Flanagan, Naomi E. Clayman, Dr. Jelena Samonina-Kosicka, Weiwei Wu
Bottom Row (L-R): Xiangyi Zhang, Dr. Andrey E. Rudenko, Cheyenne R. Peltier, Binhong “Ben” Lin, Katherine L. Walker, Elizabeth A. McLoughlin, Dr. Christopher R. Turlington